Monday, February 26, 2018

Have You Found A Favorite Pothole??

Ever wonder about the life of a Pothole??

Potholes begin after snow or rain seeps into the soil below the road surface. The moisture freezes when temperatures drop, causing the ground to expand and push the pavement up. As temperatures rise, the ground returns to normal level but the pavement often remains raised. This creates a gap between the pavement and the ground below it.

When vehicles drive over this cavity, the pavement surface cracks and falls into the hollow space, leading to the birth of another pothole.

You can  report potholes or any other PA  road concerns  by   calling 1-800 FIX ROAD.

Car-Lotta wants you to keep your  vehicle is top running condition-   You should have your vehicle aligned at least once a year.  

Monday, February 19, 2018

Do You LOVE Your Auto?

Can you even imagine life without your automobile ??

 With out a vehicle would your children  participate in after-school activities, because they wouldn’t have transportation.  Would your family would get bored to tears, because you would  be stuck at home all day?  Getting to work, school, and appointments would become a big hassle without an auto.

Here are the top  ways having a car improves your life.

1 It protects you.

Autos  are equipped with air bags, seat belts, back-up cameras, and tons of safety features that save lives. Seat belts alone have  prevented  more than 10,000 deaths.
Autos are covered with a protective shell of steel, aluminum, and other metals.  Traffic accidents are scary and dangerous, but they’d be a lot more lethal without such a strong set of body armor.
Cars are built with your safety in mind, but they can’t care for themselves. Own your responsibility!  Follow preventive maintenance. Follow the guidelines in your owner’s manual to minimize risk. Ask  your auto shop about more ways to improve your safety.

2. It comforts you.

Your auto should feel like a second home. If it doesn’t, we encourage you to consider why. It might help to wash, vacuum, and organize your car. I bet you’ll feel more comfortable without messes and clutter in your way.  A CLEAN auto is a happy one!

3. It inspires you.

Thousands of people gather at car shows every year to admire the craftsmanship that’s involved with making an automobile (and keeping it in good shape!).
Safety should always be your #1 consideration when buying your auto, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting an attractive ride.
It doesn’t matter whether your vehicle is a beautiful swan or ugly duckling. Think about all the people involved in its creation. Designers made it pretty. Welders and assembly line workers made it practical. Creating a vehicle  is a collaborative effort!

4. It communicates with you.

Cars aren’t like an angry romantic partner. They won’t stonewall you or give you the silent treatment. When something is wrong, they will make sure you’re 100% aware!
Of course, cars don’t speak English, so you’ll need to use your senses. Look and listen for any odd sights, sounds, smells, or sensations that might suggest you have a car problem.
Keep a pencil and notepad in your glove compartment. If you  breakdown, see your  check engine light, or notice anything weird, pull over and write it down. Don’t trust yourself to remember!

Car-Lotta wants you  to LOVE your 4 wheel baby!


Monday, February 12, 2018

What Is In Your Trunk?

Are you one of those who think that a full tank of gas and keys are the only things needed to drive a car?  Sure, you can sometimes get away with being under prepared, but not during the winter. Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures make winter driving a lot more demanding than normal.

You should be prepared for typical accidents that could potentially happen on the road at any time. During the winter we are also tasked with shoveling snow, scraping ice from our windows, making sure our tires have good traction, and maintaining safe tire pressure.
There a few things that everyone should keep in their car at all times during the winter. 
No matter what year, make, or model your vehicle is, it should come with basics like a tire iron and jack, but those two items alone won't cut it. If you end up with a dead battery or a car that's stuck in the snow, you'll want a few other things to help you out.

Here are 12 items you should keep in your car at all times this winter...


Shovels are useful during the winter, but having one specifically dedicated to your car is a wise move. If you've ever had to dig your car out after a snow storm or gotten stuck along a snow-covered road, you know how convenient it is to keep one in your trunk.

A snow and ice scraper

A snow and ice scraper is easily the most used tool for drivers during the winter. Keeping one handy will allow you to efficiently clear off your windows and lights before driving, instead of resorting to using your hands. The Snow Angel features an extendable telescopic arm, so it's easy to store and won't take up a lot of space when not in use.

Jumper cables
A dead battery is one of the most common car issues, so jumper cables are a must-have. Whether you accidentally left your lights on or cold weather drained your battery, this will bring your car back to life.

A flashlight
Keeping a flashlight in your car year round is a good idea, but with less daylight during the winter, it can be especially useful. Sure, your smart phone has a flashlight app on it, but it's not as useful as a real one. Whether changing a tire or jumping your car, you want something that shines bright and is durable. 

A gas can
Running out of gas can be a major headache at any time of the year, but it's definitely worse in the winter. You don't want to store fuel in your trunk, but keeping a small gas container in your car can save you from a tow. Just walk to the nearest gas station and this more than 1 gallon tank will give you enough gas to drive to safety.

An external battery 
You probably already own a battery pack for keeping your electronics charged on-the-go, but having one that's always in your car is important. It can be the difference between making a quick call for help or being stranded for hours. 

A good spare tire
If your tires don't have good tread, you absolutely want to replace them before winter comes. Driving in wet, snowy, or icy conditions with bald tires extremely dangerous and shouldn't be done. Go for a quality set of all-season tires or you have an extra set of wheels, opt for a set of snow tires to run on your car during the winter months. In addition to the wheels on your car, it's important to keep a spare that's in solid condition.

Air compressor 
Whether your tires are brand new or used, cold weather can a loss of tire pressure. Since keeping the correct tire pressure is important to driving safely, an air compressor is a convenient way to maintain good tire pressure at all times. 

A first-aid kit 
You never know when you'll need a first aid kit, so keeping a small one in your car is always smart. Look for one that is in a  pack able case makes it easy to store or carry.

A basic tool kit 
If you're not a mechanic, having a basic tool kit can save the day when simple fixes need to be done. Look for one that includes everything you'll need for basic repairs - a wrench, sockets, allen keys, pliers, a screwdriver, zip ties and more.

Cat litter 
Have you ever been stuck in the snow and your tires just keep on spinning and spinning, no matter how much gas you give it? Even with new tires, certain cars can still lose traction, but luckily there a solution - cat litter. Spread the litter underneath the tires without traction and you'll be able drive away from the slippery snow and ice.  It's such a cheap and easy solution, everyone should keep some handy.
A warm blanket 
Being stranded is never fun, but during the winter it's more than a huge inconvenience. Going from driving in a warm car with heat, to losing power and breaking down isn't never a good feeling. In the event that you do have to tough it out inside your car for a few hours our even overnight, you're going to need a blanket to stay warm. You don't need a full comforter set, but a fleece blanket is warm and won't take up too much trunk space.

 Car-Lotta   Car Sales wants to make sure  you are prepared this winter!!!

Monday, February 5, 2018

What Are Your Chances Of Having An Accident Involving A Deer?

Your chances of hitting a deer while driving  in the state of Pennsylvania are much greater than your chances of ever winning the lottery.
A recent  study released shows  the odds of a vehicle collision involving deer are now 1 in 63 in Pennsylvania. That’s a worse outlook for drivers when compared to 2016, when the odds were 1 in 67.
 Car-Lotta  Credit and Car Sales reminds you to drive safe!