Monday, December 31, 2012

How Will You Be Spending New Years Eve?

  New Years  is  one of the oldest of holidays celebrated all over the world. Most celebrate  with  family and friends. It is a time to reflect on the past and welcome the new year with hope.

                   Happy New Years from all of us at Car-Lotta Credit and Car Sales !

Monday, December 24, 2012

Need a Few Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Your Friends

The best part of giving an automotive-related gift is that they are used throughout the year. Each time they are used, the receiver  will remember who gave it to them.

Here  are a few suggestions for auto-related holiday gifts:

Car Accessories
Satellite Radio, Car Seat Massager, Personalized Auto Floor Mats, Can Coolers/Warmer, Protective Pet Pads for Car Seats.

Car Gadgets
Auto Adapters for MP3 Players, Radar Detectors, Portable Navigation System, Bluetooth Wireless Head Sets for Cell Phones, Portable DVD Player

Safety Gifts
Rearview Vehicle Camera, Back-Up Warning System, Roadside Emergency Kit, Jumper Cables,
Talking Tire Pressure Gauge, Roadside Assistance Memberships

Don't Forget the Stocking  Stuffers 
Gas Cards, Key Chains, Air Freshners, FlashLights and Car Wash Gift Certificates

Remember .... The key is matching the right gift to the right person !       Mery Christmas from All of Us at Car-Lotta Credit

Monday, December 17, 2012

Do You Have RoadSide Assistance on Your Car Insurance?

It can be a major inconvenience when you really need to get somewhere and you’ve  find   you have a flat tire.... Or you’re out of gas..... Or your car just won’t start.
 Roadside Assistance is  like having your own personal pit crew 24/7.

Some  people pay a substantial amount of money to other companies for coverage that they  may already have or can get  with their car Insurance.

 • Here are some conditions  which should make  you conscider   roadside assistance:

• * If you drive to work

• * If you drive long distances to work

• * If you drive in inclement weather

• * If you drive an older car

• * Your vehicle  has a history of maintenance problems

• * You bought a used vehicle  and don’t know its full history

• * If you have no clue on how to fix or maintain your vehicle

• * If you enjoy peace of mind

With winter coming, we  encourage everybody to call their insurance company to a roadside assistance.

The  $5-10 a month it may cost is definitely worth the peace of mind!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Do You Need Some Cash For The Holidays?

We Buy Vehicles !

We'll give you a price to buy it from you in less than 30 minutes. If you have your drivers license and the title of the vehicle with you, you may even  leave with the check for the car on the spot.

* We buy cars, trucks, pickups, minivans, SUV's and 4X4's

* The years we will buy are from 2000 to 2009

* Mileage can be from 50,000 to 155,000 miles

* We do not buy salvage or reconstructed vehicles

* The price range is from $1000 to $6,000

Monday, December 3, 2012

What Fuel Is In Your Vehicle?

What fuel is in your vehicle? Odds are that living in NEPA you are probably already filling up with Winter Blend.

It is recommended a switch between the two fuels happens twice a year, once in the fall (winter blend) and again in the spring (summer blend). Summer-blend gasoline is typically more expensive to produce than the winter blend, and it won’t affect vehicle performance or the durability of the engine and fuel system, according to the EPA

The difference between conventional summer- and winter-blend gasoline has to do with the Reid Vapor Pressure of the fuel. RVP relates to the volatility of a gasoline. The Environmental Protection Agency says conventional summer-blend gasoline contains 1.7 percent more energy than winter-blend gas, which contributes to the summer blend’s slightly better gas mileage. Cars using summer-blend gasoline spew fewer harmful emissions and get slightly better fuel economy than those using winter-blend gas during the summer months.