Monday, August 31, 2015

How's Your Parking Lot Etiquette?

·         You know what they say. Our true character is what we do when we think no one is looking ... in the parking lot... Ever been in a hurry to get into a store to pick up a few things and forget common etiquette? It is regrettable that in our hurried lifestyles, common etiquette is seldom observed.
     Next time you're thinking about behaving badly in the parking lot, remember  that you have the opportunity to make or break someone's day based upon your parking lot etiquette. The following are a few ways to make this happen:
·         Save the closer spots for the elderly or people with small children. Even if you got to the spot first, let in someone who you think may have more difficulty than you at getting in.
·         If you're going into a store, get a cart from the lot instead of waiting to get one inside the store. Even if they're a little wet and cold, they're just as good as the carts in the store.
·         If you choose to park next to a curb, hug it so that the person that parks on the other side of you has more room.
·         Consider reverse parking. It is easier to see and to be seen whilst reversing into a space than when reversing out, and safer to drive out of a parking bay than to reverse. Always check for signs about reverse parking. Many parking lots do not allow reverse parking. It takes longer to reverse park than to reverse out of a spot, and a busy lot can quickly get congested.
·         Choose a parking space farther away from the building. Fewer people want to park in a more distant space, so there is much less hassle, and it is safer. Plus, you get a little bit of extra exercise by walking.
·         Reserve disabled spots for disabled users. Cars without a handicap tag are not allowed to park in disabled spots. The appropriate placard must be used, and used properly. If the person the placard is issued to is either not in the car or not getting out of the car, the parking space cannot be used. This would take away a spot from those who truly need it. Violations of these parking standards can result in heavy fines.
·         Push an abandoned shopping cart back to the store or to a cart corral if you pass one as you walk to the business through the parking lot.
  Car-Lotta Credit and Car Sales suggests taking the extra step-  Take the time to  give someone a compliment today as you walk through a parking lot. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Are You Ready For Back To School Driving?

It's that time of year- The kids are going back to school !

DID YOU KNOW........

1.5 million children are transported on Pennsylvania roads each day.

These children are transported more than 400 million miles to school each year.

Every year, children are needlessly injured or killed by drivers passing stopped school buses.

      Pennsylvania's School Bus Stopping Laws Are :

  When you meet or overtake a stopped school bus with red signal lights flashing and stop arm extended, you MUST STOP.
  When you approach an inter section where a school bus is stopped with red signal lights flashing and stop arm extended,  you MUST STOP.

  You MUST STOP at least ten (10) feet away from the school bus.

  You MUST WAIT until the red lights have stopped flashing and the stop arm has been withdrawn before moving.

  DO NOT MOVE until all the children have reached a place of safety.    

Penalties if convicted of violating Pennsylvania´s School Bus Stopping Law include:

*$250 fine

*Five points on your driving record

*60-day license suspension

                           Remember .... Drive Like YOUR Kids Live there !!  

Monday, August 17, 2015

Why Buy Your Next Vehicle From Car-Lotta?

Here are just a few of the benefits of purchasing your next vehicle from CarLotta Credit...

* Selling cars to people with credit issues, is our only business. This is  what we do since 1986 every day! Nothing you have to say is going to embarrass you or surprise us. We will make you feel comfortable and try to see if we can help you with your vehicle needs. No pressure to buy.

* All vehicles are serviced in our shop by qualified technicians. In fact, we spend for repairs and reconditioning on average over $1000 on every car we sell!

* All cars come with the exclusive CarLotta Credit warranty.

*  Since the successful completion of your loan is our goal...we aim to have every vehicle, and payment affordable to your individual situation.

* Our cars are vehicles you can be proud to own.

* At CarLotta Credit, your on time payments can help you improve your credit rather quickly. We report to the credit bureau monthly, to give you the fastest improvement possible. Most of our competition DOES NOT report to the credit bureaus.

*   Our 3 convenient locations make your vehicle shopping very easy.

* Our web site offers on line credit info submission,  our blog, and a convenient way to make your payment 24/7 from the comfort of your own home.

This is only  a few reasons to make CarLotta Credit and Car Sales the place to buy and finance your next car!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Do You Leave Your Keys In Your Auto?

It seems like a no-brainer: Take your keys with you when you get out of your car.
While vehicles thefts overall are decreasing, car thefts with keys left inside are increasing.
A report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that there were 126,603 car thefts with keys left inside between 2012 and 2014.
And while vehicles thefts overall are decreasing, car thefts with keys left inside are increasing.
The research revealed interesting information about where and when car thefts with keys left inside were most common:
  • The top five states for car thefts with keys left inside during this reporting period were California, Texas, Florida, Michigan and Ohio . 
  • Saturday was the most common day for car thefts with keys left inside followed by Friday  and Monday.
Car thefts with keys left inside are especially unfortunate because they don’t need to happen. With so many advanced anti-theft technologies for autos out there, leaving your keys in the car is an open invitation out there for car thieves.
Car-Lotta Credit and Car Sales reminds you- NEVER leave your keys in the car!!

Monday, August 3, 2015

How Fast Do You Drive?

Did you  know that the first maximum speed limit was the 10 mph (16 km/h) introduced in the United Kingdom in 1861  ?      

Road speed limits are used in most countries to regulate the speed of road vehicles. Speed limits may define maximum, minimum or no speed limit and are normally indicated by the use of a  traffic sign. Speed limits are commonly set by the legislative bodies regional police and / or judicial bodies.

They are usually set to attempt to cap road traffic speed; and are often done with an intention to improve road traffic safety and reduce the number of road traffic casualties  from  traffic collisions.

To find out how fast you should be driving checkout  the  speed limit in your state:

Car-Lotta Credit and Car Sales reminds you to drive the speed limit- It's The Law!