Saturday, September 11, 2010

5 Ways To Help Your Child Do Better In School

With school starting back up, CarLotta Credit and Car Sales thought these 5 ways to help your child do better in school could be very helpful. As a parent, after working a hard and long day is easy to forget about your children's needs sometimes...

1) Listen. Listen, really listen without tv or other distractions, to what they tell you about their day. How do you feel when are trying to tell someone you care about, how your day went and they just "yes" you to death and watch tv? You can find out so much about your child just from this step. Are they feeling bullied? Are they happy with their teachers? Is the bus ride okay? Do they need help with their homework?

2) Read To Your Kids. When they are young, read to them. When they are older, read with them and encourage them to read on their own. If you feel books are too expensive to buy, there is always the library. The type of book or subject is less important then the actually reading. Set aside limited times for tv, video games and computer. This will give time for reading. How about trading 1 hour of tv for each 1/2 hour reading?

3) If they need help with their schoolwork, give it to them. If you do not feel qualified to help them with 7th grade math for example, ask around. You'd be surprised how many adults, and older kids, are good at school work...and are willing to help for free. You just have to ask. What help and support are available after school or in school?

4) Look at your child's homework and read their reports and papers. Give encouragement, maybe fix a spelling error or two and just show that you care. It is not about you helping them get an "A". It is about you caring about what they are working on and spending their entire day worrying about.

5) BE POSITIVE. It can be very difficult after a long day, but reward their effort with encouragement. How hard do you work if someone is on your case and negative every day?  How about hiding a funny card or note in one of their books or tablets to bring a smile during a hectic day, or before a test? The small things do help.

These are just 5, but you see what I mean. If you love them...tell them and show them every day.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

How To Lower Your Car Insurance Rates

At CarLotta Credit & Car Sales we are always looking for ways to help you save are a few tips to save you money on your car insurance.

* Sorry to say, but your driving record is an important part of your insurance cost. If you try to...obey posted speed limits, avoid parking tickets, stay alert and undistracted (like cell phones and nooooo texting),  drive slowly and will have a lower rate than someone who does not do these things.

* Shop your policy around with different agents, on line insurance companies and types of policy. All you need is an internet connection these days to see what prices you can get. Just Google..."low cost car insurance" and see what comes up.

* Raise your deductible. This can save you money, but be sure if you have a car loan on your car, that you abide by the bank or finance company deductible maximums. Also, don't raise the deductible so high that you are not able to pay it and get your car fixed in the event of an accident.

* Combine your home or apartment insurance with you car insurance for an additional discount. Some companies will give you more of a discount if you give them more of your business.

These are just a few ideas. Give them a try. We all would like to have a few dollars in our pockets right now.