Monday, December 28, 2015

Is Your Vehicle Ready for 2016?

Here are a few easy things you should do for your 4-wheeled friend in 2016 :

Find the right mechanic. Keeping your car running well doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive if you find a mechanic you trust. Your local Car-Lotta Branch will be able to help you with recommended service shops in your area.

Make sure to get it serviced frequently, and stick to the schedule maintenance timetable. This includes things such as changing your oil, rotating tires and checking the fluid levels (oil, transmission coolant (anti-freeze). It also means not forgetting larger items like timing belts or water pumps and brakes.

Get your vehicle Inspected once a year …. Remember, Pennsylvania requires a Safety and in some counties Emission Inspection yearly.

Regular maintenance is important to keep your car safe. With proper care your car will last longer and some of the possible problems can be avoided.

Car-Lotta Credit assures all of the vehicles for sale are serviced  before leaving the lot !   

Monday, December 21, 2015

Are You Looking For A Last Minute Holiday Gift For Your Car Enthusiast?

The best part of giving an automotive-related gift is that they
are used throughout the year! 

Each time they are used, the receiver  will remember who gave it to them.

            Here  are a few suggestions for auto-related holiday gifts:

Car Accessories
Car Seat Massager, Personalized Auto Floor Mats, Can Coolers/Warmer, Protective Pet Pads for Car Seats.

Safety Gifts

Roadside Emergency Kit, Jumper Cables, Talking Tire Pressure Gauge, Roadside Assistance Memberships

Auto Parts Store Gift Card

This is a typical last minute gift idea. It is one step away from just giving cash.

 But if you know a car enthusiast their money would likely go to an auto parts 

store, so why not get them a gift card to one.


Everyone that enjoys their vehicle  loves it even more when it is clean. Regular 

washing can leave the car in need of wax and dust can settle on the interior. 

Detailing someone’s car is an excellent gift and it can be done in a couple of 


Don't Forget the Stocking  Stuffers 
Gas Cards, Key Chains, Air Freshners, FlashLights

Remember .... The key is matching the right gift to the right person !  

     Merry Christmas from All of Us at Car-Lotta Credit!

Monday, December 14, 2015

What Could You Do With $ 77.00 ?

Right Now Car-Lotta Credit and Car Sales is running a unheard of $77 Down, Drive Away Sale!

                 No Credit-  Bad Credit-  No Problem!

                 We finance your future not your past

All vehicles come with a   6 Months/ 6,000 Mile Warranty

                   Credit Bureau Reporting
(Yes this is an opportunity to rebuild or establish credit)

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Monday, December 7, 2015

How Much Did You Pay For Gas This Weekend?

Can you believe that the price of gas is actually DROPPING??

Crude oil has recently  dropped  to the lowest it's been since December 2010.

It's hard to believe the average fuel price in Pennsylvania $2.25 per gallon- In  North Carolina the average price is 2.07!!

To find the LOWEST price on gas in your area check out:

                     Go ahead- Plan that winter get away - drive there!!

Remember- Car-Lotta Credit and Car Sales will give you  $50.00 in free gas for referring a
person to purchase a vehicle here- Call your closest Car-Lotta for more info on this program.