Monday, July 28, 2014

Have You Checked Your Car Insurance Lately?

Ever wonder if you have  the right car insurance? Do you have enough coverage?  Few people pay much attention to their insurance coverage until after they've been in an accident.

 Shopping for car insurance is much easier today then years ago thanks to the internet. The click of your mouse  can  get  insurance quotes from mutliple  insurance  in minutes!

Keep  in mind that your mission isn't just to buy the cheapest car insurance out there; it is to buy the cheapest insurance and still receive adequate coverage and service.

You don't want to pay to get a great deal on insurance and then not get your car repaired after an accident.

 Car-Lotta  not only sells vehicles- We can help you  find the Best Car Insurance Options for you while you are purchasing a vehicle.  As your Sales Associate for more information.

Monday, July 21, 2014

What Do Car-Lotta Customers Say About Us?

In the July 2014 Car-Lotta e-letter we asked our customers to tell us what they think about their experience with us.  The follow are a few of the testimonials we  received:

I love the service I get at car lotta I've been a customer for 2yrs now and u guys are doing a great job....

You all made it easy to purchase my first vehicle. Overall the auto payments have made life easy and lets me know well in advance of money being taken out of my account even though it is the scheduled day that you all let me make. 

Because of my young age with no credit, it was impossible for me to find a car when I most needed one. However, Car-lotta Credit made it possible for me! Tricia from Hazleton Carlotta and the rest of the gang have been nothing but great to me! They helped me find a great car for a price I can afford... and it's cute! Whenever I have questions or concerns they are there to help me as soon as possible. I appreciate everything Car-lofts Credit has done for me!!

Wish u guys had more to pick from, but really...u guys are great to deal with...on my 3rd car with u guys, and no complaints.

 Easy e friendly way to buy your car. Big or small problem are not problem for Car-Lotta and help is always on the way. Try Car-Lotta and discover a new way to conduct business.

You guys are the greatest. I'm now on my 3rd vehicle through you guys and I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you guys soo much!

You guys are doing great and was there when I needed a vehicle the most. I have mentioned to several people about going to you guys for a vehicle. I hope they take my advice. Not only did you guys put me in a reliable vehicle but my credit has gotten so much better. Thank You!

You do a great job !!!!!!

I have been purchasing my vehicles from Kevin at the Blakely store for 4 years. A great bunch of people

Keep up the good work!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

What Do You Keep In Your Vehicle?

CarLotta Credit and Car Sales would like to remind you...No matter what the weather, summer or winter, these are the 5 things you should always have in your car..

1) First Aid Kit. You never know what can happen. If you have kids, this is even more important. You might want to add a few extra bandages to the kit. They are small and are not affected by the temperature changes in your car.

2) Flashlight. The best one is the type that you hold in your mouth, or the kind that strap on your head. This will free up your hands for whatever might need to be done.

3) Jumper Cables. You left your lights on and the car won't start. The battery is old and  failed. This handy item is often used and easy to store.

4) Spare Tire. Whether it is a full sized tire or a space saver, check it to be sure it is the right size for your car and is filled to recommended air pressure. In addition, be sure you have the jack and tire wrench to remove the flat tire and put on the spare tire.

5) Blanket. In case of an accident, or illness,  a very comforting item.

All these items are reasonably priced and make your life much easier in an emergency.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Are You Trying to Beat The Heat?

Baby it's  HOT Outside!  

The summer heat can be unbearable. As the summer sun begins to get hotter and hotter, you are probably looking for ways to keep cool.

Why not take a swim?

There's nothing that cools you off better than a dip in the cool water.

Don't have a pool of your own? Don't worry- many Pennsylvania State Parks have lakes or pools for swimming.

Click here to find one in your area

How do you keep automobile cool? 

Did you know that on a day that is 80°F, the temperature in your vehicle can reach over 120°F because sunlight gets trapped inside. These temperatures are  harmful to the body with prolonged exposure,and can provide unnecessary wear and tear on a vehicle. Fortunately, with the proper precautions there are many ways to keep a car cool in the summer sun.

One method that works  handy and is  completely free is leaving blankets on the seats while the car is not in use. The blanket will be exposed, but the seat will be shielded from direct sunlight. Of course, the blankets will be hot when you return, but they can simply be tossed on the floor or into the trunk.

 Another method is using a sunshade. Sunshades  are sometimes metallic and look almost like aluminum foil stretched across the inside of a windshield. Others, especially ones designed for back seat windows, have child-friendly designs  on them. Their use is to  keep the sun from reaching the inside of the car and heating up the seats.

A simple solution is to  park facing away from the sun. Parking in the shade or in a garage is also highly effective and recommended whenever possible.

 Remember : Car-Lotta Credit vehicles  are serviced at our in house facility and carry the exclusive Car-Lotta Credit warranty. You buy a dependable car and peace of mind from us.