Monday, June 5, 2017

Is Your 4 Wheel Baby Ready For Summer?

            6 Tips for Summer Car Care

With summer coming upon us quickly, there’s no better time to get your used car ready for the heat and traffic the summer has to offer. Remember that keeping up with maintenance can save you money, and aggravation in the long run.

1. Have your vehicle checked by a qualified technician to find any problems before they get worse.
      * Have your coolant levels and coolant checked.
      * Have your brakes inspected.
      * Check your tires for proper inflation, alignment, and wear.
      * Check the battery.

2. Have your oil, oil filter, and air filter changed regularly.
3. Keep your vehicle clean, inside and out, for safety and better gas mileage.
4. Replace wiper blades.
5. Check to make sure all mirrors are operating properly.
6. Keep an emergency kit in the car...with jumper cables, a bottle of water, a quart of oil and a flashlight.

These sound simple but can save you some money and time this summer...enjoy! 

                              Your Friends At Car-Lotta

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