Monday, February 3, 2014

Do You Wear Your Seat Belt?

You MUST  buckle up. It's The LAW!

 How many times have you been reminded that you must wear the seat belt? Still, MANY  drivers and passengers do not heed to the warning (or obey the law).

 There are no shortages of excuses: I do not like it, I drive only a short distance, I do not have time, it always slips my mind,  I do not want people to control me, and the list can go on.

Unfortunately, statistics is on the side of the seat belt.

The seat belt can reduce injuries by around 50% and fatalities by up to 70%. If you are thrown out of the car, you are 25 times more likely to get killed than staying in the car. A large number of injuries are caused by being crushed by passengers not wearing the belt, and, get this, in the US about 80% of children are immunized yet only about 10% of them are properly restrained!

Here are  a few compelling  reasons to buckle up:
  • Self protection. The seat belt does protect you from frontal as well as side impacts (unlike the airbag) and it will be your guardian angel to make sure you will not be thrown out of the vehicle. 

  • Child protection. It may come as a surprise but many children get injured and killed by adults who do not wear the belt and crush them during a car crash or other form of accident. You have the obligation to exercise the same standard of care for your children as you would exercise for yourself. 
Wearing the seat belt for protecting yourself or your passengers, children in particular, is not only an issue of safety, it is an issue of responsible social conduct that requires you to exercise reasonable care.

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