Monday, September 16, 2013

Who Services Our Vehicles?

Who Services Our Vehicles Before They Are Put On Our Lots For Sale?

CarLotta Credit & Car Sales 3 locations sell in total, about 130 vehicles a month. To be able to have those vehicles available for our customers, on our lot, and cleaned is quite an undertaking. To be able to do this up to our standards, we knew a long time ago that the only way was to have our own technicians at each location.
The technicians we hire and maintain come from multiple backgrounds, new car dealerships, self employed, military and technical schools. The important characteristic that they all have is this... they are very good at what they do.

We hire experienced technicians only and then train them to our way of doing things. You can be assured that your work is being done by a quality person, trained for the job at hand, reliable and cares about your car and his work on it. We invest an average of $1000 per vehicle to make sure they are ready for you.

Remember, we want your vehicle to operate reliably for you. Our goal is for every loan and every car to last for our customers. We want to have you return to us for another vehicle.

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