Monday, October 15, 2012

Do I Have To Have My Vehicle Serviced At A Dealer to Keep My Warranty?

Your Vehicle Warranty  is a promise  made by a manufacturer to stand behind its product or to fix certain defects / malfunctions over a  specific period of time. The warranty pays for covered repairs or part replacements during the this  period.
  Service at a dealer is not mandatory to keep your warranty in effect.  It's  actually  illegal for a dealer to deny your warranty coverage because you had routine maintenance/ repairs performed by someone else. Maintenance can  be done by a qualified service facility  Be sure to  keep all receipts as proof of the work being done and ask  the service provider fill out the Maintenance Record.

Here's how to get the most out of your vehicle's warranty:

Read your warranty.
Be aware of your warranty period.
Service your car at regular intervals.
Keep all service records and receipts.

If you think your dealer's service  depertment  denied your warranty claim unfairly, contact the manufacturer  You can also  file a complaint the  Attorney General, or  Better Business Bureau.

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