Monday, July 9, 2012

How Good Is Your Automotive Knowledge ?

America’s love affair with the automobile began earlier than you might think. Before there was a network of American roadways, there were cars to be driven on them. The Olds “Curved Dash” model was released in 1901, and was the first car to be manufactured in any great quantity. Sale price? $650.00. Only a short 12 years later there were over 1 million cars registered in the U.S.

 Did you know.....

The decade of the 1950’s was filled with auto innovations including 1953’s Chevrolet Corvette and the 1954 Ford Thunderbird; two sporty coupes that were destined to become instant classics. The 1957 T-Bird was the last of the famous initial 2-seater design. However, both Corvettes and Thunderbirds continue to be manufactured into the present time.

Electric, adjustable mirrors, power door locks and windows, padded dashboards, and seat belts became standard equipment on most cars during the ’50’s.

1965’s Chevrolet Impala sold more than a million units in North America setting a record that stands to this day.

The Impala was a best seller throughout the 1960’s.

The city with the greatest number of Rolls Royce automobiles per capita is Hong Kong.

Honda’s Insight is the first fuel efficient hybrid model to be made available in the U.S.

From 1992 -1996 the best selling car in all of America was the Ford Taurus.

Today, there are Approximately?  135 million cars travel the nation’s roads and interstates on any given day, and next to a home, an automobile is one of the largest investments that consumers will make in a lifetime.

Cars have risen from being a source of pride in ownership, and status symbols of wealth and prosperity, to a mainstay of suburban life. Eventually evolving into a necessity for many who depend upon their cars for their work and their livelihood.

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