Monday, May 21, 2012

What To Do If Your Vehicle Catches Fire

Vehicle fires are one of the scariest things that can happen on the road – and they happen more often than you think. The National Fire Protection Association  states  33 car fires are reported every hour in the U.S., and 18 percent of all reported fires occur on a road or highway and involve a motor vehicle.

These statistics, while sobering, don't mean you should worry that your vehicle is going to spontaneously combust on your drive home from work.

Safe driving and regular maintenance are important to reducing your chances of being involved in one of these incidents.
1. If you smell burning plastic or rubber, pull over safely and investigate. Don't try to make it home before   you determine what the trouble is. Signal, immediately move to the closest safe place to stop, whether that's a side lane or a median.

3. Get the vehicles stopped and shut off the engine while getting yourself and all passengers out of the vehicle.
4. Get as far away from the vehicle as you can, at least 150 feet, but make sure the area you move to is safe and secure.

5. Dial 911, so the dispatcher can notify the fire department.

6. Warn onlookers and others to keep away, as well. If you have some signaling device, you can also attempt to warn oncoming traffic.

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