Monday, February 20, 2012

Why Don't I See Many Pickups In Your Inventory?

I Don't See Many Pickups Or Work Vans On CarLotta Credit Lots, Why?

We would love to have more of them on our lots. It is very difficult to find these types of vehicles, in your price range, that pass our service center safety check process.

Most pickups and work vans are used hard by their owners for work and/or play time. When we do find them, they have been pretty well used up. The price range we sell vehicles in, needs to be low enough for our customers to afford. In this price range, the trucks and work vans cannot pass our in house service process. If it will not, or can not, pass our service inspection process, it does not go on our lot, or in your driveway.

What we do encourage our customers to do, is this. First, get a vehicle from CarLotta Credit that is serviced, has a warranty and your on time payments are improving your credit rating...and then, you can get that pick up or work van you may need.

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