Monday, January 30, 2012

How To Turn Super Bowl Sunday Into More Than Football

Are you ready to get involved in something "Souper"? Do you dare to tackle hunger in your local community? Transform this year’s Super Bowl festivities into a time that’s about more than just football. Make  it about helping  the hungry families in your  area.

Have a flag football tournament!  Get every team member to bring a can of soup, other nonperishable food or  even a whole grocery bag to participate which will be donated to a hunger relief organization!

Find a Church or School in your area which may be sponsoring a "Souper Bowl" Canned Food Drive in your area and DONATE!  
Donate to a College or Sunday School that may be sponsoring a "Souper Bowl" Canned Food Drive .

Don’t sit on the SIDELINES  Please don’t PASS  on an opportunity to  help   TACKLE  hunger and  turn  Super Bowl  XLVI Sunday   into a day of caring!

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