Monday, March 21, 2011

Love Your Car?

Some of us love our vehicles so much that we name them! I had a blue Mustang  called Bessy  (don't even ask me why) . Yours  may not have a crazy name, but it takes you where you need to be so treat it right! .

Here's a  few ways to show a little bit of love to your vehicle: 
1) Check the oil. This is the lifeblood of the engine so try  doing this at every other gas fill-up. Change according to the recommended maintence.

2) Check your tire pressures. Too-low tire pressure leads to accelerated tire wear, increased fuel   consumption ( gas is $3.45 per gallon these days)  and, most importantly,  can compromised handling and safety.

3) Detail the car. C'mon, you know that you'll feel better too driving a squeaky-clean vehicle  with no road  salt or cinders all over and no crumbs on the seats.

Tell your car "you're welcome".

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